Our brand development services deliver deeper connections with consumers.

Marketing today is tough. We all know our consumers want an integrated experience, yet what we see is that it is still often a struggle to deliver one.

Why? Today’s fast paced environment and need for speed and agility to meet ever changing needs and trends across the marketing mix, can leave brands quickly starting to look and feel inconsistent. Especially new brands. The great news is that, although consumers change what they do and how they behave, they don’t as frequently change their values or needs.

Our brand development services are designed to:

  • Build strong strategic foundations based against the deeply held values, beliefs and needs of consumers, that allow for the flexibility to integrate incoming trends and technologies
  • Utilize a 360 perspective of your target audience (as a consumer, as a shopper, as a customer, as a partner) to develop concepts, guidelines, and frameworks that are integrated across all parts of a customer’s journey with your brand

Brand Positioning

Brand Architecture
Brand Promise & Positioning
Brand Equity & Stretch

Brand Expression

Packaging Reviews, Research & Territories
New Product Concept Development