Fern Grant
Founder, Insights Lead

Fern Grant started life as a research and occupational psychologist before deciding to take those therapeutic based skills into marketing research and then into strategic planning. Knowing that people do not always know why they behave the way they do she has spent her career developing techniques and frameworks to find the insights that bring to light why people behave the way they do.

For 15 years Fern worked in the US and international markets conducting insight projects and developing marketing strategies for companies like Heinz, Unilever, T-Mobile, Walmart, Marks & Spencer, BP, Tesco, Colgate, and Levi’s. Her experience spans consumers and brands to retailers and shoppers, with a particular interest in packaging and new product development. Her passion has been to go beyond delivering a research report to providing clear, actionable findings, frameworks and templates that organizations can use to inform their marketing plans.

After leading the consumer insight team at LeapFrog Enterprises for 4 years she joined the MARS Agency as head of Strategic Planning, including strategic, engagement and digital strategists and researchers. Again, her focus with clients was on finding answers in the reams and reams of data they have available to enable action.

She now leads The Strategy Shop with a singular purpose – to find the insights that matter to bring companies the answers and action they are seeking to grow their companies and brands.