Soni Doshi
Shopper Strategist

Soni started her career with five years of consulting management experience at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. Her job as a business analyst was to sit in the shoes of her clients, identify pain points and key opportunities, and finally translate these findings to help implement actionable changes to the IT group. Her mission was to identify opportunities to streamline the work flow, while improving user satisfaction.

Her passion for the user continued as she transitioned from Information Technology to brand and retail marketing by obtaining a Masters in Integrated Marketing at Northwestern University. After graduating, she joined Arc Worldwide for five years to provide thought leadership and creative inspiration to top brands at Proctor and Gamble. Through fact-based, actionable insights about shoppers and their environments, Soni helped identify the nuances of shopping different retailers and channels for key beauty brands such as Pantene, Crest, and Tampax. She also helped with extensive research with the Walmart Canada shopper to better understand trip types, category triggers, and shopper mindset along the path to purchase. These insights helped P&G win with Walmart Canada by bringing category-driven actionable insights.

Soni continued her career in Strategic Planning by joining The Mars Agency to develop strategic retailer plans for health brands at Abbott Nutrition and Sanofi. While working on a multi-discipline team for brands such as Similac, Ensure and Allegra, Soni helped identify unique strategies and opportunities to win with the consumer along the path to purchase. Soni's passion for the consumer behavior helped her identify the differences in the mindset, the environment, and the potential barriers to buy the brands from when the consumer is watching television at home, to clipping coupons from the Sunday paper, to stumbling in at CVS for their medications.

Soni joins Amy & Fern at The Strategy Shop to understand the business dilemma, help identify actionable insights, and ultimately drive brand growth at retail.